ITALIANA LEGNO snc is able to produce any kind of furniture tailor-made and custom-made.

Furthermore we provide to our Customers the choice between a simple realization and installation of the furniture or a “turnkey”service, complete with plasterboard works, electrical systems, hydraulics and air-conditioning, hardware, pavements and painting.


The realization of the furniture takes place on the basis of projects developed by our technical office, or following projects given directly by the customer, by the retailer or carried out in collaboration with external project designers.


We take care of all the production process up to the last detail using classic materials like wood and metals joined to next-gen materials like plexiglass and glass.
Our team of professionals handles every side of the production phases, from sizing to pressing, from drills to the final painting.


We assure the best result in terms of performance, care and timing during the installation of our realizations.
Our fitting teams are highly qualified and skilled.


We use a lot of resources and energies in the service of support and maintenance of our realizations, by ensuring to our clients the best support in case of issues linked to the wear or to any unforeseen.

Thanks to the equipment of special tooling our technicians are able to react shortly and carefully to each request.